B2BaCEO (with Ashu Garg)

How to Amp It Up (Frank Slootman, Chairman & CEO, Snowflake)

Episode Summary

This episode’s guest is the one and only Frank Slootman. Frank is the chairman and CEO of Snowflake Computing, which he took public in a blockbuster IPO in 2020. Frank is also the author of the new book Amp It Up. Most leadership books written by high-profile CEOs are collections of feel-good abstractions and inspirational quotes. But Amp It Up digs into the nuts and bolts, the blood and guts, of what it takes to build a great company. It reads like it written by, and written for, someone who’s fought in the enterprise arena. On this episode of the podcast, Ashu grills Frank about the lessons learned in the book and beyond: from building a high-performance culture, to hiring and firing, to trends in the enterprise that drive Frank nuts. True to form, the always unfiltered Mr. Slootman doesn’t hold back. This is a fun one!